Parameter Systems

I still think one of the best home alarm systems, is based on the old parameter switch method. This is basically the scenario where there is an activation switch plates on every door and window, and if the door is open and even just a little bit it will set off the alarm. The basis of how these work is that there is one piece that goes on the window frame, and another connecting piece that goes on the part of the window that opens. This forms an electrical connection where they touch, and if that electrical connection is broken, it will set off the alarm. So basically in a nutshell, if anyone tries to open up your windows or your doors, the alarm will go off .

window and door alarms

Many people will partner these with extra door locks and windows locks that sit only inches above where the window opens. That allows the window to be open a little bit, but still set off the alarm. That way if the would be burglar doesn’t care about setting off the alarm, the extra lock will keep at the window in place. This is a very efficient method, and has been in use for ages. Then it falls on the homeowner to decide whether or not they want the alarm to go off loudly, or silently.

door contact sensors

Most people say that’s a no-brainer, have your alarm go off very loudly and scare the intruder away. That I can do one of two things. It scares the intruder, and causes him to take drastic measures, which could lead to a hostage situation with you and your family. Or best case scenario, it just scares them off. Believe it or not, many people choose to have the alarm set on silent. Now you may think that would just allow the burglar to walk around your home, but if you have a good system, the police will be notified right away , and police will be at your home in minutes. This can lead to the perpetrator been caught, and not tormenting any other homeowner again. While some may not want to play around with a possible intruder, I think this option is a better choice. The key is to get burglars off the street.

Combining Services

Now you don’t have to choose which security system to buy necessarily. Just take a look at the climate control system that you have in your home or apartment. These days many companies combined the two, or can offer them both as a package deal. So if you were thoroughly satisfied with the service you get from your climate control company, then it’s just a smart move to let them handle your security as well. First of all you want to see if there is a integration between the two that might be available.

They will have no problem coming out to your home and removing the old system and updating you with one that covers both security and comfort. The benefit of this is that maintenance costs are low because they are handled by the same provider. So if you have one system that has a warranty involved with it, chances are the warranty will cover the other as well. Ed from S&S always recommends having a dual system therefore there is no competition between the communication lines. When the work on projects with air conditioning Villanova, they let the customer know that the systems can work together.

security panel

Since two different systems can use different software, they could interfere with each other. Many are operated by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so the mix signals can cause a delay or disruption in one service or another. Having them both run on the same profile can save you a lot of problems and headaches in the future. Plus it makes it easy to check on your system during each season. Most climate control companies will come out to inspect your equipment during the change of the seasons, and that will allow them to check your security as well. Because you may think your security system is running as it should, but without it being checked, you could be at risk. So check the company that handles your air-conditioning or heating, and ask them if they handle security systems as well. If you ended up saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors for security. Most large businesses use this means to protect their offices and warehouses. These work the best when there is no one on duty, or at night to keep an eye on things. If an office building has the night watchman, then sometimes you can set up a motion detector to be turned on and off before and after his rounds. In which case the guard would deactivate the alarm long enough to physically inspect the area, then when he was finished he would re-activate it to keep an eye on things until his next round. A lot of times this is necessary for buildings that are 20 or 30 stories high, they’re only physically inspected once every couple of hours.

Building such as these where there are so many offices, can be the target of so many different types of thieves, that security measures need to be taken throughout the whole building. The main use of motion detectors however, is for stores and offices that are not manned at night. They’re set in every corner of the building and also at various areas they can’t be detected from the main entrance way. Basically what happens is when someone moves or something moves inside the perimeter, the alarm goes off.

how motion detectors work

Most are monitored by security systems in which case the police are notified immediately and dispatched to investigate the perimeter. Mostly stores that utilize this are such as Staples, Best Buy, or any other large department store. This saves them the expense of having to hire someone to work overnight, as well as lowers their insurance costs. While this works great for businesses, motion detectors are not always the best for residential homes. The reason is that most people have some kind of animal. Whether it be a dog, cat, bird, or even snake. Motion detectors are so sensitive that any small movement will set them off, and you’ll have the police knocking down your door to arrest your poodle. These can work if you do not have pets, but you have to be careful because even a mouse can set them off. And then many counties where the police are dispatched to your home or office under false pretense, the owner is forced to pay for the visit which can range anywhere from $25-$100. So if you own a business that does not have a physical security overnight, motion detectors may be the best choice for you.

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Levels of Home Security

This day and age, every piece of news and every newspaper talks about how dangerous this world is getting. A lot of people feel too scared to even go out at night anymore, for fear of their surroundings. While in some major cities, this may be a natural feeling, it’s not the same everywhere. The media wants to surround you with the worst case scenario in every day life, to keep you glued to the screen or the page. The point is, it’s not always like that.


So when you move to a new home or apartment you do need to decide what level of security you need. For goodness sake don’t go off the deep end, and listen to what the media tells you. Use some common sense. For example, if you live in a large apartment building, most of the time there is a manager or doorman present to keep an eye out for strangers who don’t belong in the building. For more of your higher end apartment buildings, there is an entire staff on hand 24 hours a day. Many times a person can’t even get in the door without announcing who they are and who they’re coming to see.

Even if they were to get by, most times the elevators and stairways are only accessible by the tenants. Even then the wings to your floor maybe locked with electronic key card or physical key. So in those scenarios, you don’t need to worry about too many people coming in who are not secured. Now if you live in a home or in a more remote area picking up an alarm system may be your best bet. Some of the things you’ll want to think about is how dense is your neighborhood, and what is the current level of crime right now. From there you can decide what system you would want to purchase. This website is going to offer you a lot of different choices, and a lot of different scenarios the lookout for. But the first line of defense is just plain old common sense. Do not live your life in fear because as Mark Twain used to say most things you fear will never ever happen.

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4 Reasons to Install a Security System

4 Reasons to Install a Security System

If you want to keep burglars and home invaders out of your home then the best deterrent you can have is a good security system.  Most people never think about having a home security system until it is too late.  You can keep your family safe with the right security system.  Typically most security systems are installed for one or a combination of the following reasons.  Here are the 4 reasons to install a security system.

Crime Deterrent

You are 75% less likely to have a break in if you have a visible security system in place.  Don’t be afraid to put the security system stickers on your front door or put the signs on your lawn that this home is protected.  Home invaders don’t like security systems they are too risky and they may end up getting caught.  If you want a burglar to take a pass on your home then let them know it is protected.

Loss Prevention

You work hard for the things that you own and you want to keep them.  Home security systems help you to do that, coming home to find your possessions gone is traumatic.  Home security can help not only prevent that from happening and it can also help you recover your items should the unthinkable happen.  Most intruders will quickly bolt once they hear an alarm going off.  Here is how your alarm system can save your things.

Avoid Confrontations

Not all security systems are installed to prevent theft.  If you are single and living alone or you have ever been threatened by someone then you need a security system to keep you safe.  If someone comes to your door you do have panic buttons to reach the police services in the event of a confrontation.

Fire Safety

Many security systems can connect directly to your smoke alarms so you have that extra edge if fire ever breaks out in your home.  Once a fire has been detected the alarm will sound and it will also contact the fire department so you can get help as quickly as possible.  This can save your family’s life!

These are the most common reasons people want home security systems installed.  Your home is where you should be able to feel safe and to relax knowing that you and your family are safe from intruders.  You work hard to keep your home and to put the things in it that you love, let us help you protect them.

Where to Put Home Security Cameras

Where to Put Home Security Cameras

Finding the right place to put your home security cameras can be kind of tricky, you want to keep your home safe yet retain your privacy at the same time.  We have put together some of the best places where to put hoe security cameras where you can keep your home safe and secure and leaving you with the privacy that you want.  These spots can capture the best image of a potential intruder.  Let’s have a look at where to put them.

  1. Right at the front door

Your initial cameras should be aimed right at your front door, it gives you a clear of anyone coming to the door and looking to enter your home.  You can leave the camera in the open so it can act as a deterrent to anyone potentially casing your home or you can leave it hidden.  If that is the case then you will want to put the camera away from the visitor’s line of sight.  You can place it on either the left or the right where most people never look.  You can also disguise the camera as something else like a fire alarm.

  1. The back door

The second place that you need to put a camera is at the back door.  Many break ins happen right here, it is away from people passing by and burglars can gain easy access to the home.  You want to make sure that this entrance is covered.  You should make sure that the camera gets a clear view of the door but without being in the entrant’s line of sight.

  1. The garage

If you have an attached garage the you need to put a camera in here also.  You can pick up small portable cameras that can be places almost anywhere.  You can get cameras that are battery powered or you can plug them in in the garage.  This is another common entryway for thieves.

  1. Right in the living room

It can be difficult to put a camera in here, and your first instinct may be not to do so.  You and your family spend a great deal of time here and you want your privacy but this is also the first place thieves will target.  You can disguise the camera by using wall outlets, smoke detectors and clocks, just make sure that you put them somewhere that blends naturally with the room.

  1. The bedroom

The bedroom is where many people put their valuables making it a big target for thieves.  When you place cameras inside the bedroom aim them at the door so that you can see who is coming and going from the room.  You can use a camera that is triggered by motion and once again a clock or wall outlet is ideal for the bedroom.