Parameter Systems

I still think one of the best home alarm systems, is based on the old parameter switch method. This is basically the scenario where there is an activation switch plates on every door and window, and if the door is open and even just a little bit it will set off the alarm. The basis of how these work is that there is one piece that goes on the window frame, and another connecting piece that goes on the part of the window that opens. This forms an electrical connection where they touch, and if that electrical connection is broken, it will set off the alarm. So basically in a nutshell, if anyone tries to open up your windows or your doors, the alarm will go off .

window and door alarms

Many people will partner these with extra door locks and windows locks that sit only inches above where the window opens. That allows the window to be open a little bit, but still set off the alarm. That way if the would be burglar doesn’t care about setting off the alarm, the extra lock will keep at the window in place. This is a very efficient method, and has been in use for ages. Then it falls on the homeowner to decide whether or not they want the alarm to go off loudly, or silently.

door contact sensors

Most people say that’s a no-brainer, have your alarm go off very loudly and scare the intruder away. That I can do one of two things. It scares the intruder, and causes him to take drastic measures, which could lead to a hostage situation with you and your family. Or best case scenario, it just scares them off. Believe it or not, many people choose to have the alarm set on silent. Now you may think that would just allow the burglar to walk around your home, but if you have a good system, the police will be notified right away , and police will be at your home in minutes. This can lead to the perpetrator been caught, and not tormenting any other homeowner again. While some may not want to play around with a possible intruder, I think this option is a better choice. The key is to get burglars off the street.