Motion Detectors

Motion detectors for security. Most large businesses use this means to protect their offices and warehouses. These work the best when there is no one on duty, or at night to keep an eye on things. If an office building has the night watchman, then sometimes you can set up a motion detector to be turned on and off before and after his rounds. In which case the guard would deactivate the alarm long enough to physically inspect the area, then when he was finished he would re-activate it to keep an eye on things until his next round. A lot of times this is necessary for buildings that are 20 or 30 stories high, they’re only physically inspected once every couple of hours.

Building such as these where there are so many offices, can be the target of so many different types of thieves, that security measures need to be taken throughout the whole building. The main use of motion detectors however, is for stores and offices that are not manned at night. They’re set in every corner of the building and also at various areas they can’t be detected from the main entrance way. Basically what happens is when someone moves or something moves inside the perimeter, the alarm goes off.

how motion detectors work

Most are monitored by security systems in which case the police are notified immediately and dispatched to investigate the perimeter. Mostly stores that utilize this are such as Staples, Best Buy, or any other large department store. This saves them the expense of having to hire someone to work overnight, as well as lowers their insurance costs. While this works great for businesses, motion detectors are not always the best for residential homes. The reason is that most people have some kind of animal. Whether it be a dog, cat, bird, or even snake. Motion detectors are so sensitive that any small movement will set them off, and you’ll have the police knocking down your door to arrest your poodle. These can work if you do not have pets, but you have to be careful because even a mouse can set them off. And then many counties where the police are dispatched to your home or office under false pretense, the owner is forced to pay for the visit which can range anywhere from $25-$100. So if you own a business that does not have a physical security overnight, motion detectors may be the best choice for you.

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