Where to Put Home Security Cameras

Where to Put Home Security Cameras

Finding the right place to put your home security cameras can be kind of tricky, you want to keep your home safe yet retain your privacy at the same time.  We have put together some of the best places where to put hoe security cameras where you can keep your home safe and secure and leaving you with the privacy that you want.  These spots can capture the best image of a potential intruder.  Let’s have a look at where to put them.

  1. Right at the front door

Your initial cameras should be aimed right at your front door, it gives you a clear of anyone coming to the door and looking to enter your home.  You can leave the camera in the open so it can act as a deterrent to anyone potentially casing your home or you can leave it hidden.  If that is the case then you will want to put the camera away from the visitor’s line of sight.  You can place it on either the left or the right where most people never look.  You can also disguise the camera as something else like a fire alarm.

  1. The back door

The second place that you need to put a camera is at the back door.  Many break ins happen right here, it is away from people passing by and burglars can gain easy access to the home.  You want to make sure that this entrance is covered.  You should make sure that the camera gets a clear view of the door but without being in the entrant’s line of sight.

  1. The garage

If you have an attached garage the you need to put a camera in here also.  You can pick up small portable cameras that can be places almost anywhere.  You can get cameras that are battery powered or you can plug them in in the garage.  This is another common entryway for thieves.

  1. Right in the living room

It can be difficult to put a camera in here, and your first instinct may be not to do so.  You and your family spend a great deal of time here and you want your privacy but this is also the first place thieves will target.  You can disguise the camera by using wall outlets, smoke detectors and clocks, just make sure that you put them somewhere that blends naturally with the room.

  1. The bedroom

The bedroom is where many people put their valuables making it a big target for thieves.  When you place cameras inside the bedroom aim them at the door so that you can see who is coming and going from the room.  You can use a camera that is triggered by motion and once again a clock or wall outlet is ideal for the bedroom.